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Become an independent Beauty Service Provider on Glamic. Start making money with your rules

Glamic offers platform where you can showcase your beauty services and connecting with clients seeking premium beauty experiences in the comfort of their own settings or at your studio.

Glamic Advantage

Why Choose Glamic?
Glamic is not just an app; it's a solution. Whether you're seeking more bookings with high-paying, loyal customers, or you need to streamline the management of your already thriving business, Glamic stands with you. We bring time savings, the clients, time savings, you bring your expertise.
Welcome Independence
Join Glamic and map out your working hours precisely as you wish. Balance your time between multiple commitments, knowing Glamic integrates perfectly with your dynamic lifestyle.
Mutual Growth
At Glamic, your growth is our priority. There are no subscriptions; we succeed when you do. With a platform that supports your business at every step, watch your independent beauty enterprise thrive.
Professional Badge
Your Glamic profile is a beacon of your professional identity, illuminated by genuine ratings and reviews. It's not just a listing; it's the story of your craft.
Share and Shine
Let your talent be known. Share your unique Glamic profile across social media and your personal networks to attract a customers that's as invested in beauty as you are.
Sync and Simplify
Glamic syncs with your life. Integrate your personal calendar and let Glamic fill it with appointments that respect your time, every time.
You Rule
Create your rules and policies, from setting deposits to defining your service areas. We safeguard your business with protections for late cancellations and no-shows.
Fair Compensation
Apply additional fees for travelling and early morning appointments without hassle. Glamic automates these charges, ensuring you're compensated fairly for every booking, every mile, and every early start.
Automatic Reminders
Efficiently manage your appointments with Glamic's automated SMS, email, and push notification reminders. Ensure punctuality and preparedness for both you and your clients, eliminating missed appointments and forgotten schedules.
Beyond the Studio
Whether you're studio-based or prefer to be mobile, Glamic supports your business style. Set your minimum charges and define your travel radius to offer services that cater to your clients' needs.
Glamic's streamlined communication lets you offer unlimited chat with your customers once they've booked – ensuring a smooth and professional service.
Minimal Fees, Maximum Profit
Glamic is cost-effective. We only take a modest 3% from bookings with your clients to cover payment processing. For all other bookings, there's a 25% service fee. And remember, tips are all yours.
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