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"Glamic is an all in one solution for independent beauty & wellness providers to streamline their bookings with their customers and automate their fees calculation, schedule and much more in a way that works for them!"

Maximize Your Earnings: Make More Money with Glamic!

Reduce no-shows

Sending appointment reminders reduces no-shows and cancellations, ensuring a steady flow of clients

Mobile services

Set your minimum charges and define your travel radius to offer mobile services

Make booking easier

Clients can book you on your own Glamic webpage or on Glamic Marketplace

Transform Your Business: Glamic
Takes You Beyond Basic Scheduling

Never lose business again

Your booking page presents all the necessary information a customer needs to book you.

No more manual work

Don’t worry about figuring out if you can fit this or that appointment in your calendar or charging the right amount with Glamic smart pricing you are set.

Turn the gig into a business

Offer cash, cards payments, collect deposits, extra fees and much more, just like a professional salon

Take bookings management to next level

For those mobile appointments, Glamic figures out the travel time and make sure your bookings truly fit your schedule.

Set Your Own Rules

Glamic adapts to how you run your business

Offer cash payments

Clients have the added convenience of paying you via cash, which provides a simple payment option. Whether you're just starting out or have an established business, accepting cash payments can be great!

Acccept card payments

Clients have the convenience of paying you either via credit card or the faster and more secure Apple Pay. With multiple payment options, you can ensure hassle-free transactions that are tailored to your client's preferences.

Set policies

Set clear policies regarding payment, cancellations, no-shows, lateness, service usage, and more. Your clients will see these policies on your profile and during the booking process.

Set deposit amounts

Whether it's cash or a credit card, you can set the deposit amount clients must pay during booking and have them pay the balance via cash or credit card with timely reminders.

Glamic is a unique fusion of independent beauty & wellness providers, enthusiasts, and innovative engineers

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Glamic: Elevate Your Presence​

Your own booking site


All your services

Rating & reviews

Stay on Track With Automated Remidners: Never Miss An Appointment Again

SMS reminders

Both you and clients get notified with booking details, your policies and appointment reminders so less no shows and cancelations

Email reminders

Both you and clients get notified with booking details, your policies and appointment reminders so less no shows and cancelations

Push notifications

If client have mobile app, they get notified with booking details, your policies and appointment reminders so less no shows and cancelations

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