Our Story

Learn about Glamic's Journey from the Co-Founder

The Beginning

Discovering A Need

As I embarked on the challenging journey of motherhood, I quickly realized how demanding it can be to balance personal care with parental responsibilities. I'm Didar, co-founder of Glamic, and this was my reality. My beauty routine, once a cherished ritual, became a challenging task to fit into my hectic schedule. This personal struggle led me to a revelation – there must be countless women facing the same issue, and this sparked the idea for Glamic


Creating The Solution

With the birth of Glamic, my aim was to revolutionize the way beauty and wellness services are accessed. Our platform was designed to bridge the gap between talented freelancers and clients seeking quality beauty services. But, Glamic's purpose was more profound than simplifying bookings. For me, it was about empowering women, encouraging them to embrace their individuality, and offering them a space to voice their uniqueness. We envisioned a community where beauty professionals could thrive and clients could experience personalized, empowering services

Beauty at Your Fingertips

Our Personal Beauty Studio A Tap Away

Discover Convenient, Professional Beauty Services with Glamic — Anytime, Anywhere

Variety of beauty services offered by Glamic app, including makeup, hair styling, nails, wedding, and eyelashes, showcased with icons

Building A Community

Envisioning The Future

"In my journey with Glamic, I've seen it grow into a community where passion meets profession. It's a place where freelancers can build their careers and where clients can find services tailored to their unique needs. I invite women from all walks of life to join this movement. Together, we're not just changing the beauty industry; we're empowering women to support each other, to be independent, and to break free from societal constraints. At Glamic, our commitment goes beyond business – it's about inspiring, nurturing, and empowering every woman to acknowledge and celebrate her unique beauty."