From Immigrant Struggles to Beauty Industry Revolution: The Inspirational Journey of Glamic’s Founder

From Immigrant Struggles to Beauty Industry Revolution: The Inspirational Journey of Glamic’s Founder


In a world where every success story seems predestined, there are those who carve their path through sheer determination, transforming adversity into opportunity. Meet Didar Kursun, the visionary force behind Glamic, whose journey from immigrant struggles to beauty industry revolution is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Arrival in Canada

It all began with Didar’s arrival in Canada, where she found herself navigating the challenges of a new country while living pay-cheque to pay-cheque But it was the arrival of motherhood that sparked a pivotal moment—a moment where she whispered to herself on her first day of maternity leave, “This is the last job I work for someone else.

Challenges Booking Beauty Services

Life with a newborn brought its own set of challenges, but amongst the chaos and sleepless nights, Didar wanted a moment of self-care. Yet, booking beauty services proved to be a daunting task, with salons fully booked and independent providers scattered across social media platforms.

What followed was a frustrating scavenger hunt, scouring Google and social media for providers, DMing, emailing, you name it. Hours or even days later, she still was no closer to getting her hair done. And when she finally did, disaster strikes. Turns out, she picked a provider with fake followers and filtered images. The process was anything but seamless, filled with endless back-and-forth messages and the constant fear of choosing the wrong provider.

Inspiration for Glamic

Frustrated and discouraged  Didar turned to her husband with a simple yet profound wish: “I wish there was an app like Uber for beauty services, where I could see providers nearby and book them based on their ratings and reviews.” And thus, the seed for Glamic was planted—a platform born out of necessity, driven by a desire to simplify the beauty booking process for both customers and providers.

Empowering Independent Providers

But Didar didn’t stop there. As she connected with hundreds of independent beauty service providers, she realized that their struggles mirrored her own. Limited exposure, marketing challenges, and the constant juggling act of running their own businesses left many feeling trapped in a cycle of stagnation. Some were even forced to work for salons, sharing up to 60% of their earnings or settling for minimum wage because they had no clue how to start, run a Business and acquire clients.

Glamic’s Mission

It wasn’t just about booking appointments; it was about empowering individuals to take control of their destinies. Mothers who had been out of the industry for years found comfort in learning new skills, such as makeup, nail, and hair, allowing them to work on their own terms while still being present for their families but yet ended up with disappointment because just having the skill was not enough.

Conclusion: Cultivating Financial Health

By applying these strategies, you can ensure that your passion for beauty and wellness translates into a profitable business model. Stay dedicated to managing your finances as diligently as you manage your client’s expectations, and watch your business grow.

With unwavering determination and a heart full of compassion, Didar set out to change the game. Glamic wasn’t just a platform; it was a lifeline—a beacon of hope for those seeking financial freedom and flexibility in the beauty industry.

The Role of Glamic

Picture Glamic as the OpenTable for beauty service providers operating on a subscription model. It’s the engine behind the scenes, handling all the backend tasks to efficiently manage their businesses, from scheduling and automation to payments, so artists can focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional beauty services. Through Didar’s unwavering dedication, countless lives have been touched, and the beauty industry has been forever changed for the independent beauty service providers.


In a world where dreams often feel out of reach, Didar reminds us that with grit, determination, and a little bit of magic, anything is possible. This is the story of Glamic—a story of empowerment, inspiration, and the relentless pursuit of dreams.

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