Discover the Top 10 Hair Styles for 2023: Insider Tips from our Highly Rated Stylists

Discover the Top 10 Hair Styles for 2023: Insider Tips from our Highly Rated Stylists

Bride sitting in a salon chair getting an elegant updo hairstyle done by a professional stylist.


Hello, beautiful people! Welcome to the Glamic blog.  In search of a bold new hairstyle to ring in 2023? Or perhaps you’re hunting for the ultimate bridal hairdo or something special for a big event? We have just the thing for you! Our beauty service marketplace is brimming with skilled and highly rated stylists who are ready to bring you the most sought-after hair trends of the upcoming year.

The Updated Shag:

The shaggy hairstyle we loved is back, only this time with a fresh, modern spin. Complete with choppy layers and textured ends, this laid-back style is ideal for those blessed with wavy or curly locks. Why not book a consultation with one of our top stylists to rock this look?

Woman with a wavy shag haircut featuring beautiful platinum highlights.
by Melanie Baringer

The Curtain Bang:

Introduce a dash of mystery to your look with the curtain bang, a soft and airy fringe that beautifully frames the face. A perfect way to spice up your style without going all in for a full fringe, it works wonders for those with longer hair and makes for a stunning bridal look.

Brunette woman with stylish curtain bangs framing her face
by Melanie Baringer

The Sleek Bob:

The timeless bob returns in 2023, only this time with an uber-sleek demeanor. Showcasing straight, blunt ends and a striking, angled cut, it’s an audacious look that adds sophistication. Especially flattering for those with fine hair, it’s an ideal choice for a transformative hair makeover.

Woman with a sharp, angled sleek bob haircut.
by The Bob Haircut

The Top Knot:

Want a quick fix to elevate your style? The top knot is your answer. Bundle up your hair into a high ponytail and twist it into a neat bun at the crown. It’s a chic and effortless look for those with long hair, fit for any event.

Wedding bride with a chic and stylish topknot hairdo
by The Top Knot

The Braided Ponytail:

Add a playful touch to your look with the braided ponytail. Just weave a section of hair into a braid and wrap it around the base of a high ponytail for a hairstyle that’s both fun and trendy.

Woman with a textured, short French crop haircut.
by touchedbykeef

The Textured Lob:

The lob, or long bob, is a versatile style that looks great straight or curled. In 2023, the textured lob is making waves. With its choppy layers and tousled finish, it’s a fantastic match for those with thick, wavy hair.

Woman with a choppy, layered, and textured long bob, or lob, hairstyle.
by chrisjones_hair

The Beach Wave:

The beach wave is your go-to style for the summer. Loose, tousled waves give the hair a naturally beachy look. It’s a fuss-free style for those with long hair.

Woman with long hair styled in loose, tousled beachy waves.
by hairby_viictoriam

The Pixie Cut:

For the bold at heart, the pixie cut is a daring choice. This style, with its short, choppy layers and textured finish, is perfect for those with fine hair who want to add some oomph and texture.

Woman sporting a short, choppy pixie cut with a textured finish.
by soni_254

The Half-Up, Half-Down:

A timeless look fit for any occasion. Just gather the top section of your hair and secure it with a hair tie or clip for a look that adds volume and interest to your hairstyle.

Blonde woman with a stylish half-up, half-down hairdo.
by alexandralee1016


So there you have it! 2023 is gearing up to be a year full of bold, daring hairstyles and effortlessly chic looks. Regardless of your hair type or personal preferences, there’s a style trend that’s just right for you. So why wait? Book an appointment with one of our highly rated beauty service providers on our app, browse through their ratings and reviews, and step into 2023 with style!

Weddings, proms, or a simple night out – our app is your one-stop-shop for all hair inspirations. With a wide array of talented stylists, you can not only get a sneak peek into their portfolio but also check out reviews left by satisfied customers. From intricate bridal updos to simple, chic styles, our professionals are experts in creating stunning transformations.

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